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Well first of all i would like to say THANK YOU for those who visit my Happy Family website.Because this is my first web that i ever create it so i hope if there is anything you want to complain about it you can email me at stanley_ting88@yahoo.com i will try all my best to make it better for you guys.Enjoy to see my HAPPY FAMILY HOUSE and HAVE A NICE DAY!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

what a day

well well i have not been updated my blog since last week OMG what am i doing i guess maybe i am just too busy with my "STUDY" ya you know got lots of stuff to do nowadays exam getting very soon so need to prepare for it. i know many people will not believe at me coz they think i wont study.But that is the past and i am the new STANLEY yeahh!!! anyway cut the crap today is father`s day and just want to wish all the father in this world Happy Father`s Day i only bought a card for my dad coz you know i am already dead broke no money hahaha spent it all in.......SECRET cant say anymore need to prepare for tuition later 12 sighss.....hate to see that teacher face so UGLY like like like..........ermm i think like SHREK hahaha


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